A ListView/ScrollView header that hides when scrolling down and reappears immediately when scrolling up, regardless of how far down the list we've gone. Like the one from the Google Keep app.

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QuickReturnHeader is a tiny Android library that implements the popular "quick return" design pattern for lists and scrollable content in general.

In this pattern, which can be found for instance in the Google Keep app, the header hides as soon as we start scrolling down, and reappears inmediately (regardless of how far down the list we are) as soon as we scroll up again. A video is worth a thousand images:

YouTube video coming soon

An alternative, more feature-complete implementation of the pattern can be found here. The benefits of QuickReturnHeader are that it's easier to use, has a simpler implementation, and can be used with ScrollViews in addition to ListViews.

Please keep in mind that this pattern (despite being used by Google itself in several applications) is somewhat controversial. Please read this before you decide whether you should use it in your application.

###Sample application

A sample application showcasing the different features of the library is available:

Google Play link coming soon

You can browse its source code to see how easy it is to integrate QuickReturnHeader in your application.

###Including in your project

Just add the library to your application as a library project. Or if you use maven, add the following dependency to your pom:



Using the library is really simple, just look at the source code of the provided samples:

You can even use the library [from a fragment][8], which is useful when implementing a dual phone/tablet layout.

###Who's using it

Does your app use QuickReturnHeader? If you want to be featured on this list drop me a line.

###Developed By

Manuel Peinado Gallego - manuel.peinado@gmail.com

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