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MultiChoiceAdapter is an implementation of ListAdapter which adds support for modal multiple choice selection as in the native Gmail app.

It provides a functionality similar to that of the CHOICE_MODE_MULTIPLE_MODAL ListView mode, with two additional benefits:

  • It's easier to use, as it keeps count of the selected items, updates their background accordingly and handles checkboxes transparently.
  • It is compatible with every version of Android from 2.x. Of course, this implies that your project must use either ActionBarSherlock or the support library's ActionBarCompat.

A version of the library that works with the stock action is also provided, for those apps with minSdkVersion=11 or newer.

Example Image

Try out the sample application:

Android app on Google Play

Or browse the source code of the sample application for a complete example of use.

Including in your project

The library is pushed to Maven Central as a AAR, so you just need to add a dependency for it to your build.gradle:

dependencies {
    // Use the following if your project uses ActionBarCompat
    compile 'com.github.manuelpeinado.multichoiceadapter:multichoiceadapter-abc:3.0.0'
    // Or the following if your projet uses ActionBarSherlock
    compile 'com.github.manuelpeinado.multichoiceadapter:multichoiceadapter-abs:3.0.0'

Or if your project uses the stock action bar (yes, it makes sense to use MultiChoiceAdapter event in that case, as it will make your life easier):

    dependencies {
    compile 'com.github.manuelpeinado.multichoiceadapter:multichoiceadapter:3.0.0'


Check any of the provided tutorials:


You can customize the way the adapter behaves when an item is clicked and the action mode was already active. To do so, add an item named multiChoiceAdapterStyle to your theme, and have it reference an additional style which you define like this:

<style name="MyCustomMultiChoiceAdapter">
    <item name="itemClickInActionMode">selectItem</item>

Two values are supported:

  • selectItem. Changes the selection state of the clicked item, just as if it had been long clicked. This is what the native MULTICHOICE_MODAL mode of ListView does, and what almost every app does, and thus the default value.
  • openItem. Opens the clicked item, just as if it had been clicked outside of the action mode. This is what the native Gmail app does.


Who's using it

  • My App List. With this app you can save installed applications in a list to restore them after flash or install a new ROM.
  • NFC Basic. NFC Basic is an application that allows writing and reading data using wireless technology NFC. It allows you to write content following the NFC-FORUM standards, writing tasks for Android phones, create your custom profiles (so you can do some actions in the same time), delete and clone any tags,

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