AutosizeEditText for Android is an extension of native EditText that offer a smooth auto scale text size.

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AutosizeEditText for Android is an extension of native EditText that offer a smooth auto scale text size.

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How to use

Configuring your project dependencies

Add the library dependency to your build.gradle file.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.txusballesteros:AutoscaleEditText:1.0'

Adding and Customizing the View

Add the view to your xml layout file.

        android:textSize="30sp" />

Now you personalize some of custom parameters of the view.

  • animation Duration: With this field you can establish the transformation duration in milliseconds, by default it's set to 300ms.

  • linesLimit: You can use this attribute to set the approximate lines number when the view will triggers the text scale transformation, by default it's set to 2.

  • textScale: Use this attribute to set the text scale percentage, I mean, if you have set your text size to 30sp and the text scale to 0.7 for example, when the user write a text and this overflows the line limit, the view change the textSize to 21sp or (30 * 0.7), by default it's set to 0.7 (70%).

        app:animationDuration="200" />

Motivation of the Project

I created this view as a little piece of the Redbooth App for Android.


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