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Using app client to scan QR code to run Demo


lcamera A camera app using the new camera2 API in Android Lollipop
opentasks A task app for Android
ZhuanLan 非官方知乎专栏 - Android


University of Sannio Android App



If you want to join development team, well, just fork this repo and work with branches and pull-requests. Every contribution is greatly appreciated.

Every active contributor will receive a free license of Intellij Idea, that JetBrains generously donated to our Open Source project. An active contributor will join the Trello board used to manage the project.

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Unisannio for Android uses:

  • RxJava as Reactive Programming framework
  • Jsoup and Gson for data retrieving and manipulation
  • Dagger as dependency injection system
  • ButterKnife as View Injector
  • Lombok to save a bit of Java Boilerplate
  • Advanced Android Logger as logging system
  • Kotlin


Apache License v2 (see LICENSE file)

Copyright (c) 2015 Alter Ego srls