A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.

Min SDK   16
Latest Commit   2017-10-06 16:22:44
License   Apache-2.0

Github   https://github.com/SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Gallery



Using app client to scan QR code to run Demo


cardslider-android Cardslider is a material design UI controller that allows you to swipe through cards with pictures and accompanying descriptions.tags: java,android,card,animation,material-design,android-ui,maven,ui-design,opensource,ui-components,ui,uikit,material,design,view,android-library,library,recyclerview,slider,gallery
Manage local photos on Android: gallery, geotag with photomap, tags, find, sort, view, copy, delete, send, ... .
AndroidTouchGallery Android widget for gallery, using viewpager. Allow pinch zoom and drag for images by url