A Sample App for 47deg/android-swipelistview

Min SDK   8
Latest Commit   2013-03-04 12:26:25
License   Apache-2.0

Github   https://github.com/chwzou/android-swipelistview-sample


Using app client to scan QR code to run Demo


BesTV of Shanghai Media Group
Wuhan, China



custom-swipelistview An android custom SwipeListview that supports customizable left wipe menu list and remving item by swiping right.
drag-sort-listview Android ListView with drag and drop reordering.
PagedHeadListView Android boosted ListView supporting paginated header with a new material page indicator.


SwipeListView Demo (Play Store Demo)

An Android List View implementation with support for drawable cells and many other swipe related features.

Sample App for 47deg/android-swipelistview

SwipeListView screenshot


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