A material-styled android view that provisions picking of a date, time & recurrence option, all from a single user-interface.

Min SDK   14
Latest Commit   2016-04-30 19:21:49
License   Apache-2.0

Github   https://github.com/vikramkakkar/SublimePicker



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TimeRangePicker Android time range picker
android-calendar-card Android calendar view (like card)
datetimepicker DateTimePicker is a library which contains the beautiful DatePicker that can be seen in the new Google Agenda app.



A customizable view that provisions picking of a date, time & recurrence option, all from a single user-interface. You can also view 'SublimePicker' as a collection of material-styled (API 23) DatePicker, TimePicker & RecurrencePicker, backported to API 14.

With the release of version 2, SublimePicker now allows date-range selection.

All three components have been converted to views, which enables us to add/embed them anywhere - add them to a 'Dialog', a 'PopupWindow', or use them as any regular android widget.

Almost all styling possibilities have been exposed through attrs. If something has been missed, please bring it to my attention.

SublimePicker provides a single point of entry to all three pickers. What I mean is that once SublimePicker is available for interaction, the user can select a date, a time & a recurrence option without leaving the picker.

Gradle dependency

compile 'com.appeaser.sublimepickerlibrary:sublimepickerlibrary:2.1.1'


Following screenshots have been taken from the sample application: Get it on Google Play

Launching into DatePicker:

Version 2 allows date-range selection using SublimeOptions#setCanPickDateRange(boolean). Picking date range is one fluent gesture which begins with a long-press on the intended start-date, followed by a drag onto the intended end-date. The range can span as many days, months or years, as needed. During a drag, approaching the left/right edge of date picker scrolls the previous/next month into view.

Date range selection:


Date range selection spanning multiple months:

Button at bottom-left corner can be used to switch to TimePicker:


The overflow button at top-right opens the RecurrencePicker:

Choosing Custom... from this menu brings you to RecurrenceOptionCreator:

Picking Until a date from the bottom spinner & clicking on the date shows a stripped down version of DatePicker:

Sample Application:

Results of the selection in sample application (single date):

Results of the selection in sample application (date range):

How-tos will be added in a day or two...


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