A cute widget of Switch Button for you to create beautiful and friendly UI.

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SwitchButton 这是Android上的一个滑动开关按钮开源项目
FloatingActionButton [DEPRECATED] Android floating action button
LikeButton Twitter's heart animation for Android



Android Arsenal

To get a quick preview, you can get Demo apk in Google Play or Directly download.

This project provides you a convenient way to use and customise a SwitchButton widget in Android. With just resources changed and attrs set, you can create a lifelike SwitchButton of Android 5.0+, iOS, MIUI, or Flyme and so on.

Now we get the biggest movement since SwitchButton published. v1.3.0 comes with totally reconsitution and more convenient API. A wholly new demo can give you a tour in it.

Change Log

Latested Change Log:

  1. Fixed #89.

Change History.

Using SwitchButton in your application


No more support

Gradle ​ Add dependencies in build.gradle of your module

dependencies {
	compile 'com.kyleduo.switchbutton:library:1.4.6'


I create a new demo apk to show you how to style the cute widget and use it. There's some screenshots of the new demo.



The usage of SwitchButton is just like CheckBox. The basic control APIs of SwitchButton.

  • setChecked(boolean)
  • toggle()

Since SwitchButton has addition animation when checked status changed, there are two addition methods for disable animation for single operation.

  • setCheckedImmediately(boolean): like setChecked but NO animation.
  • toggleImmediately(): like toggle but NO animation.

From version 1.4.1 on, SwitchButton support operation without onCheckedChanged callback. It makes changing state in code more convenient. Using these methods to achieve that feature.

  • setCheckedNoEvent(boolean)
  • setCheckedImmediatelyNoEvent(boolean)
  • toggleNoEvent()
  • toggleImmediatelyNoEvent()


In 1.3.0, I updated the usage of SwitchButton library. To make it more Android way to use, I've combined the thumb and back style each to StateListColor/StateListDrawable. So you are free to create styles in different states.

In xml layout file, you can configure the face of switch button using these attrs.

  • kswThumbDrawable: drawable for thumb
  • kswThumbColor: color for thumb
  • kswThumbMargin: margin from thumb to back, can be negative. maybe cover by single direction margins
  • kswThumbMarginTop: same to kswThumbMargin, just top
  • kswThumbMarginBottom: same to kswThumbMargin, just bottom
  • kswThumbMarginLeft: same to kswThumbMargin, just left
  • kswThumbMarginRight: same to kswThumbMargin, just right
  • kswThumbWidth: width of thumb
  • kswThumbHeight: height of thumb
  • kswThumbRadius: radius of thumb rect, only work with kswThumbColor
  • kswBackRadius: radius of background rect, only work with kswBackColor
  • kswBackDrawable: drawable for background
  • kswBackColor: color for background
  • kswFadeBack: fade background color/drawable when drag or animate between on/off status or not
  • kswBackMeasureRatio: (background's width / thumb's width). float value.
  • kswAnimationDuration: duration of animation between 2 status
  • kswTintColor: change SwitchButton's style just by one property, all relevant color will be generate automatically. Do not support SwitchButtonMD or other style created by xml resources.
  • kswTextOn: text for checked status.
  • kswTextOff: text for unchecked status.
  • kswTextMarginH: horizontal margin of text.
  • kswAutoAdjustTextPosition: (Since 1.4.4) whether auto adjust text position to make them looks centered (NOT really centered) when there are round corners. You should set this to false when you don't need this feature.

You can alse change the configuration of SwitchButton in code. You can find the api from Demo apk. There's a glance.

private String[] opts = new String[]{
			"setThumbRadius (color-mode only)",
			"setBackRadius (color-mode only)",

Beautiful Apps

If you're using SwitchButton in your app, wish you can email me these infomation of your app and I'll create a list here. And that should be an utmost encouragement to me. :-) kyleduo@gmail.com

App Name Description Markets Developer
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