Combine ViewPager and Animations to provide a simple way to create applications' guide pages.

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Primer Intro Animation like Google Primer
BrokenView Glass-break effect for views


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WoWoViewPager combines ViewPager and Animations to provide a simple way to create applications' guide pages. When users are dragging WoWoViewPager, they become the director of the applications. The above gifs show how WoWoViewPager looks like, it supports some simple animations like translation, scale, alpha, background color animations, and moreover, some complicate animations like gif-playing, svg-drawing and path-drawing animations with corresponding custom views.


  1. Here comes the 2.0.0 version! The old versions(1.0.2 or below) are deprecated. The new version provides plenty features for convenient usage and efficiency improvement.
  2. Thanks SCViewPager for giving me inspiration for codes.
  3. Thanks JazzHands for giving me inspiration for animations.
  4. Thanks konmik for providing a better HSV-animation.

Gradle & Maven

compile 'com.nightonke:wowoviewpager:2.0.0'


Or by link:

WoWoViewPager V2.0.0 in Github

WoWoViewPager V2.0.0 in Fir


Check the wiki to use WoWoViewPager.

Documentation Chapters

Basic Usage




Basic Animations

  1. Position Animation
  2. Position 3D Animation
  3. Translation Animation
  4. Translation 3D Animation
  5. Scale Animation
  6. Alpha Animation
  7. Rotation Animation
  8. Elevation Animation

TextView Animations

  1. TextView TextSize Animation
  2. TextView TextColor Animation
  3. TextView Text Animation

Color Animations

  1. Background Color Animation
  2. Shape Color Animation
  3. State-List Color Animation
  4. Layer-List Color Animation

Path Animation

WoWoViewPager Attributes

Interface Expansibility

  1. Custom Animation
  2. Interface Animation
  3. SVG Animation
  4. GIF Animation

Version History

How WoWoViewPager Works

Issues & Feedbacks

Try to tell me the bugs or enhancements about WoWoViewPager, or contact me with / Before doing that, having a careful read on read-me, wiki and issues is really helpful.

About Versions

Version 1.0.2 or below use the old api of WoWoViewPager. From version 2.0.0, builder-pattern was used in WoWoViewPager and gif-playing, svg-drawing animations and more features are supported. I strongly suggest to use version 2.0.0 or above. If you still want to use version 1.0.2 or below, try to check the old documents(English|中文文档).

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