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Min SDK   4
Latest Commit   2014-04-04 16:47:04
License   unknown

Github   https://github.com/frakbot/CreditsRoll




TokenAutoComplete Gmail style MultiAutoCompleteTextView for Android
ExpandableTextView Android's TextView that can expand/collapse like the Google Play's app description
android-iconify Android integration of multiple icon providers such as FontAwesome, Entypo, Typicons,...



This is not the library you were looking for.

The CreditsRoll library allows you to have Star Wars-like credits rolls in your app. It's compatible with all API levels. Yes, this is API 1+!

Demo image


Because a), freaking Star Wars, and b), why not.

No seriously, why?

This is an example of custom View, that uses a few interesting tricks to achieve the end result:

  • Custom text measuring and laying out, using a StaticLayout
  • 3D view transform on a Canvas using a Camera
  • Custom view attributes handling
  • Rickroll


This library is released under the Apache 2 License. Please take a look at the NOTICE file for details.

Third party libraries

The demo app uses the amazing NineOldAndroids library by Jake Wharton to support using Honeycomb-style animations on API level 1+.