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Min SDK   4
Latest Commit   2014-04-04 16:47:04
License   unknown

Github   https://github.com/frakbot/CreditsRoll




android-ago An Android TextView that always displays an auto refreshing relative time span with respect to a reference time
JumpingBeans A Span-based library to make your text jump like Mexican beans. Oh, and the ...s in Hangouts.
Android-RobotoTextView Implementation of a TextView and all its direct/indirect subclasses with native support for the Roboto fonts, includes the brand new Roboto Slab fonts.



This is not the library you were looking for.

The CreditsRoll library allows you to have Star Wars-like credits rolls in your app. It's compatible with all API levels. Yes, this is API 1+!

Demo image


Because a), freaking Star Wars, and b), why not.

No seriously, why?

This is an example of custom View, that uses a few interesting tricks to achieve the end result:

  • Custom text measuring and laying out, using a StaticLayout
  • 3D view transform on a Canvas using a Camera
  • Custom view attributes handling
  • Rickroll


This library is released under the Apache 2 License. Please take a look at the NOTICE file for details.

Third party libraries

The demo app uses the amazing NineOldAndroids library by Jake Wharton to support using Honeycomb-style animations on API level 1+.