Android multi-media selector based on MVP mode.

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subsampling-scale-image-view Highly configurable, easily extendable view with pan and zoom gestures for displaying huge images without loss of detail. Perfect for photo galleries, maps, building plans etc.
android-crop Android library project for cropping images
ImagePicker 完全仿微信的图片选择,并且提供了多种图片加载接口,选择图片后可以旋转,可以裁剪成矩形或圆形,可以配置各种其他的参数


Android multi-media selector based on MVP mode.中文文档 Build Status

boxing Inside:



  • Custom UI
  • Multiple/single selection, preview and crop function
  • Gif support
  • Video selection
  • Image compression


Core version: only contain the core function.

UI version: contain UI implements base on core version.

  • Maven

Core version


UI version

  • Gradle

Core version

compile 'com.bilibili:boxing:1.0.0'

UI version

compile 'com.bilibili:boxing-impl:1.0.0'


multi_image single_image_crop video

Getting Started

  • Media loading initialization(required)
BoxingMediaLoader.getInstance().init(new IBoxingMediaLoader()); // a class implements IBoxingMediaLoader 
  • Image cropping initialization(optional)
BoxingCrop.getInstance().init(new IBoxingCrop());  // a class implements IBoxingCrop 
  • Build BoxingConfig Specify the mode(Mode.SINGLE_IMG, Mode.MULTI_IMG, Mode.VIDEO) with camera and gif support.
BoxingConfig config = new BoxingConfig(Mode); // Mode:Mode.SINGLE_IMG, Mode.MULTI_IMG, Mode.VIDEO
config.needCamera(cameraRes).needGif().withMaxCount(9) // camera, gif support, set selected images count
.withMediaPlaceHolderRes(resInt) // set the image placeholder, default 0
.withAlbumPlaceHolderRes(resInt) // set the album placeholder, default 0
.withVideoDurationRes(resInt) // set the video duration resource in video mode, default 0
  • Get Boxing, set Intent and call start
// start thumbnails Activity, need boxing-impl.
Boxing.of(config).withIntent(context, BoxingActivity.class).start(callerActivity, REQUEST_CODE); 
// start view raw image Activity, need boxing-impl.
Boxing.of(config).withIntent(context, BoxingViewActivity.class).start(callerActivity, REQUEST_CODE); 
// call of() use Mode.MULTI_IMG by default.
Boxing.of().withIntent(context, class).start(callerActivity, REQUEST_CODE);
  • Get Result
protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) {
  	List<BaseMedia> medias = Boxing.getResult(data);
  	// avoid null

Advanced usage

Media loading and image cropping initialization are the same as Simple Usage.

  • Customize Activity and Fragment Extends AbsBoxingViewActivity and AbsBoxingViewFragment. call Boxing.of(config).withIntent(context, AbsBoxingViewActivity.class).start(callerActivity, REQUEST_CODE); to start.

  • Only customize Fragment Extends AbsBoxingViewFragment,no AbsBoxingViewActivity. call Boxing.of(BoxingConfig).setupFragment(AbsBoxingViewFragment, OnFinishListener); to start.


Use camera in Android N, add this in AndroidManifest.xml

	android:authorities="${applicationId}.file.provider" >               

Kotlin Support

Stay hungry, stay foolish. checkout feature/kotlin for fun.


Support different config at the same moment.


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