Android integration of multiple icon providers such as FontAwesome, Entypo, Typicons,...

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chips-edittext-library Chips EditText, Token EditText, Bubble EditText, Spannable EditText and etc.. There are many names of this control. Here I develop easy to understand , modify and integrate Chips Edit Text widget for Android
BubbleTextView Android Bubble View
android-edittext-validator Android form edit text is an extension of EditText that brings data validation facilities to the edittext.

Iconify offers you a huge collection of vector icons to choose from, and an intuitive way to add and customize them in your Android app. It has been introduced in this blog post which is a good place to get started.


Pick any number of modules and declare them in your Application.

dependencies {
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-fontawesome:2.2.2' // (v4.5)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-entypo:2.2.2' // (v3,2015)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-typicons:2.2.2' // (v2.0.7)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-material:2.2.2' // (v2.0.0)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-material-community:2.2.2' // (v1.4.57)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-meteocons:2.2.2' // (latest)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-weathericons:2.2.2' // (v2.0)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-simplelineicons:2.2.2' // (v1.0.0)
    compile 'com.joanzapata.iconify:android-iconify-ionicons:2.2.2' // (v2.0.1)
public class MyApplication extends Application {

    public void onCreate() {
            .with(new FontAwesomeModule())
            .with(new EntypoModule())
            .with(new TypiconsModule())
            .with(new MaterialModule())
            .with(new MaterialCommunityModule())
            .with(new MeteoconsModule())
            .with(new WeathericonsModule())
            .with(new SimpleLineIconsModule())
            .with(new IoniconsModule());

Show icons in text widgets

If you need to put an icon on a TextView or a Button, use the { } syntax. The icons act exactly like the text, so you can apply shadow, size and color on them!

    android:text="I {fa-heart-o} to {fa-code} on {fa-android}"
    ... />

Icon options

  • Shall you need to override the text size of a particular icon, the following syntax is supported {fa-code 12px}, {fa-code 12dp}, {fa-code 12sp}, {fa-code @dimen/my_text_size}, and also {fa-code 120%}.
  • In the same way you can override the icon color using {fa-code #RRGGBB}, {fa-code #AARRGGBB}, or {fa-code @color/my_color}.
  • You can even easily spin an icon like so {fa-cog spin}.

Show an icon where you need a Drawable

If you need an icon in an ImageView or in your ActionBar menu item, then you should use IconDrawable. Again, icons are infinitely scalable and will never get fuzzy!

// Set an icon in the ActionBar
   new IconDrawable(this, FontAwesomeIcons.fa_share)


In case you can't find the icon you want, you can extend the available icon directly from your app. All you need to do is to implement IconFontDescriptor with a .ttf file in your assets and provide the mapping between keys and special characters, then give it to Iconify.with(). You can use the FontAwesomeModule as an example.

There are no constraints on the icon keys, but I strongly suggest you use a unique prefix like my- or anything, t