[Android Library] Play with sensor events & detect gestures in a snap.

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ChatKit Android library. Flexible components for chat UI implementation with flexible possibilities for styling, customizing and data management
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Android library which makes detecting gestures a breeze.

The library is built for simplicity and ease of use. It eliminates most boilerplate code for dealing with setting up gesture detection on Android.

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Starting with 1.0.1, Changes exist in the releases tab.

Supported gestures

  1. Flip
    • onFaceUp
    • onFaceDown
  2. Light
    • onDark
    • onLight
  3. Orientation
    • onTopSideUp
    • onBottomSideUp
    • onLeftSideUp
    • onRightSideUp
  4. PinchScale
    • OnScale
    • OnScaleStart
    • OnScaleEnd
  5. Proximity
    • onNear
    • onFar
  6. Shake
  7. Wave
  8. Chop
  9. WristTwist
  10. Movement
  11. SoundLevel
  12. RotationAngle
  13. TiltDirection
  14. TouchType
    • onDoubleTap
    • onScroll(direction)
    • onSingleTap
    • onSwipeLeft
    • onSwipeRight
    • onLongPress
    • onTwoFingerSingleTap
    • onThreeFingerSingleTap

Including in your project

Sensey is available in the Jcenter, so getting it as simple as adding it as a dependency

compile 'com.github.nisrulz:sensey:{latest version}'

where {latest version} corresponds to published version in Download

Simple example

  • To initialize Sensey under your `onCreate()`` in the activity/service, call
  • To stop Sensey, under your onDestroy() in the activity/service, call
 // *** IMPORTANT ***
 // Stop Sensey and release the context held by it
  • Next to enable shake detection

    • Create an instance of ShakeListener
    ShakeDetector.ShakeListener shakeListener=new ShakeDetector.ShakeListener() {
        @Override public void onShakeDetected() {
           // Shake detected, do something
       @Override public void onShakeStopped() {
           // Shake stopped, do something
    • Now to start listening for Shake gesture, pass the instance shakeListener to startShakeDetection() function

    If you want to modify the threshold and time before declaring that shake gesture is stopped, use

    • To stop listening for Shake gesture, pass the instance shakeListener to stopShakeDetection() function